The Perfect Diaper Bag!

Since finding out we were expecting Baby #2, I have been on the hunt for a diaper bag big enough and functional enough for two under two. This has been difficult because I’m not only looking for something that works for me, but I’m also trying to find something my husband will like since he carries it, too. Call me crazy, but I have done hours of research looking for a bag that would work for us. Many diaper bags I have tried are extremely cute, but didn’t cut it when it came time to functionality. To me, functionality trumps looks, but why can’t I have both?  Some are super functional, but just not pretty to look at. Let’s face it, Ladies – if we have to give up our favorite handbags for a diaper bag, then it needs to be cute! Well, look no further! I have found the […]

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Finding Balance with STARTplanner in 2017

I finally had time to sit down and start planning for 2017. I am OCD and love to plan EVERYTHING! I usually feel overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start planning for the year, but thanks to the amazing STARTplanner, it was way easier this time around! This gorgeous planner is everything you could ever want in a daily planner. I mean, look at it! Just looking at it makes me excited about planning! I know, I know…I’m a dork! The STARTplanner has hard covers protecting the pages with pockets on the inside of both. It also has a stretchy band to keep it closed when you aren’t using it. I’m all about the details, y’all! One thing that really encouraged me to start hustlin’ with my STARTplanner is the letter from Kristy and Jenny at the beginning of the planner. They really know how to call a girl […]

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A Letter to My Firstborn

A Letter To My Firstborn, As we prepare to welcome your sister into the world, I am a bundle of emotions. Your daddy and I have no idea what to expect with two little ones – especially two girls. We have been getting the house and nursery ready, we have been stricter about your naps and bedtime routine, and we have been planning out the next month or so the best we can. There is just so much going on! Although you are too young to really understand that a baby is coming (other than poking and kissing my belly, saying “baby”), I know you can tell something is up. You have been even more attached to me than usual. I will not complain, though. I want to soak in every second I have with just you. Maybe this will help you understand what is going on in this mommy […]

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